At The Hemp Business Advisors, we’re known for generating new thoughts and creating original concepts, which transform the lives of those involved in Hemp, into becoming cutting edge, respected professionals in the industry.


Why HBA? Because…

Our passion is unwavering

Our calling is unprecedented

Our devotion is unparalleled

  • Our Passion is Unwavering.

    We have an unwavering belief and passion for the Hemp Industry because WE KNOW how Hemp changes lives. We’re not “jumping in” only to “jump out” if it doesn’t work… We’re here to stay. Honestly, you couldn’t make us leave, even if you tried.

  • Our Calling is Unprecedented.

    In many ways – we didn’t choose the Hemp industry – It chose us! And when we began to watch our clients transform from “hemp enthusiasts” into full-fledged business professionals, we were both humbled and amazed. This industry needs our business skill sets – as much as we need those in the industry. We consider it a match made in Hemp-Heaven.

  • Our Devotion is Unparalleled

    We love the people in Hemp. And we’re fully devoted to seeing the people in this industry receive the respect they deserve. That’s why our mission, is to see every Hemp entrepreneur acquire and apply the business skills necessary to help them flourish even further beyond their current level of success. It’s not about how much you have today – It’s about growing your skill set, so that you can determine what you wish to do with your wealth.

Our Passion, Calling, and Devotion are an irresistible combination unique to the hemp industry. 

We call it… Transformational Consulting™