mikaela wilkinson: Co-Founder and Creative Director

Over a decade ago, Mikaela Wilkinson was working with experts in Maine regarding sustainable growing practices for numerous plants, including Hemp. Eventually, her free-spirited soul took her to Oregon, where she studied how to develop Cannabis seedlings and the importance of the growth phase in Hemp. Now, Mikaela works directly with HBA clients in her “other passion” of graphic design by managing the creative process for new organizations.

Carrie Cox HBA Photo.JPG

Carrie Cox: Co-Founder and Corporate Liaison

Before “brand marketing” became a commonplace term, Carrie Cox had already cut her teeth launching dozens of successful branding campaign strategies for businesses across the Front Range. After twenty years of targeting niche audiences, she now brings enormous clarity to HBA clients by pinpointing precise branding blueprints, through comprehensive sales training, and loves brokering business by connecting high-quality individuals with one another.


DAvid wilkinson: Co-Founder and Competitive Strategist

David Wilkinson’s extensive business and non-profit experience enables him to formulate original concepts for the Hemp industry which are unparalleled.  Providing world-class Executive Coaching to over 250+ companies has given him a unique ability to maximize team productivity. This directly eliminates inefficiencies and maximizes effectiveness which causes radical revenue growth.


Rachel Cox: HR Consultant

With years of experience in the HR field, Rachel Cox brings extensive resources for small and mid-sized employers. With expertise in human resources, recruiting, payroll, employer compliance and employee benefit plans, Rachel helps safeguard employers and their workers. Having consulted across many industries, Rachel has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in running a Hemp-based business, and can provide strategic planning to build a solid workforce.

NoCo Hemp Expo 2018

NoCo Hemp Expo 2018