The HBA Services


The Executive Coaching Program (ECP):

Our entry-level coaching program that helps you clarify your vision and holds you accountable to it. These highly-targeted, extremely thorough sessions allow you the opportunity to implement proven business skills and increase your cash flow, while gleaning from the depth of our professional experiences.   

The Industry-Connection System (ICS):

When you join the ICS, you’ll receive our strategic coaching strategies mentioned above, along with personalized marketing pieces specifically for your business. In addition, we also connect you with different members of our expansive network of industry professionals. 

 The Holistic Partnership

This premium partnership features an exclusive, tailor-made system, custom-built for your business and varies according to your professional needs. HBA Holistic Partnerships have included (but are not limited to) the initial creation of your company or non-profit organization, complete company operations systems/infrastructure, and global expansion strategies. 

Human Resource Solutions

One of the most important structures of a company is their Human Resources division. Businesses who need assistance with company payroll processing, employee benefits, compliance, and project consultation, can receive such HR services through The HBA. 

customized services available

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